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The Endangered Gorillas are Moving to Solana 


Verify your Holdings

Verify your holdings using this page, you will shortly be airdropped identical Gorillas on Solana. No burn fees, no gas, no cost to you whatsoever.


Same Vision New Blockchain

The Endangered Gorillas are moving to Solana. This will create a much more user friendly, low gas experience for everyone. Once all the data has been collected to enable the migration this website will be updated with more information.



We plan to integrate a token into our ecosystem which will have multiple uses. All holders will receive a free airdrop.


Unique Platform

All holders will receive a trait pack (think opening Pokemon Cards) with multiple trait accessories to customize their Gorillas. Solana will enhance this experience and allow greater flexibility.


Artist Led | Mission Focused

The Endangered is the first NFT project led by the well-known Web 3 artist Haddy The Creator. The project will fuse exclusive low supply art releases with innovative Web 3 technology and IRL collaborations.



The ETH Gorillas will go into hibernation, the metadata will be updated to a holding image and they will lay dormant …. for now! 

p.s we know real Gorillas don’t hibernate